Primark’s Unveil New Home Accessories Collection

Primark's Unveil New Home Accessories Collection
Primark's Unveil New Home Accessories Collection

Life is good when you’ve got a clean home. Primark’s new minimalistic collection will help you achieve just that, and it won’t cost you the Earth. The high street retailer has released a new line of home accessories including candles, cushions, and ornaments, which look way more expensive than they are – with prices starting from just £1.

Muted tones of cream, white, and black run across the entire collection, including waffle and tufted cushions, and decorative vases that would provide an on-trend update to any living room. Meanwhile, the photo frames, plant pots and ornaments will all help to refresh your bedroom, or home office space, and are available for as little as £2.50 apiece.

Highlights include the abstract ornaments and female form vases that wouldn’t look out of place at Kim Kardashian’s minimalistic mansion; while the monochrome framed wall art is reminiscent of pieces that Prince Harry and Meghan have on display at their home in Montecito.

It’s a good thing we believe in the power of little things, because today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest range of home storage and organisation products. You may or may not have noticed, but lately, we’ve been seeing less and less clutter in our homes.

Well-organised pantries are taking over Instagram and Pinterest feeds everywhere, with some being so immaculately organised that they look more like art than storage. And it makes sense—being able to find what you need is a huge time-saver.

And for us? It just feels good to know where our stuff is. Which is why we’re thrilled to release this new range of products designed specifically to help you find a spot for everything (and put everything in its spot).

Whether you want to store your kid’s school supplies, keep your spices neat and tidy, or simply get your tupperware under control (we don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle with this), we’re sure you’ll be inspired by the possibilities these new items provide.


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