Discover The New Skulls HOME ACCESSORIES COLLECTION By Travis Baker

Discover The New Skulls HOME ACCESSORIES COLLECTION By Travis Baker
Discover The New Skulls HOME ACCESSORIES COLLECTION By Travis Baker

Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker, is taking his rockstar style to a whole new level: home decor! Barker has teamed up with London-based decor and lifestyle brand Buster + Punch to launch a line of skull-adorned accessories for every space in your house.

From a skull-shaped candleholder to a lamp with a tiny skull pull chain, the items are perfect for any rock ‘n’ roll fan. The collection will be available on February 23rd, and we’re sure it’ll be flying off the shelves. “They scream rock ‘n’ roll,” Barker said of the line in an interview with Bustle. “They scream danger and poison.” He continued: “Skulls stand against everything, so to present them in a way like this and take it to a new level is special.”

Culture-defining musician, Scott “Kid” Barker, is making a splash in the design world. “I come from an area where we really like to keep it minimal,” he told the New York Times. “We don’t need a bunch of stuff to make us feel like we’re good.”

Barker, who became engaged to Kourtney Kardashian in October, also dug into the importance of curating his home’s aesthetic while still making sure it’s highly functional. “The space that you live or work in is everything. For me it’s simplicity—it’s minimal. My house is like that too. You don’t need a lot, but what’s there counts”—simply put, all the small things,” he said, giving a nod to his band’s 2000 hit song.

Home Shoppers Magazine also reports that musician, DJ, and producer Steve Aoki recently teamed up with the Italian design brand Buster + Punch to create a home accessories line.

The line is called Aoki + Buster and it’s available exclusively in the U.K. at John Lewis. The details: The line includes light fixtures, decorative mirrors, pendant lights, table lamps, coat hooks, and even door handles and wall switches.

He told the outlet that his vision for the line was “to inject these very boring types of home fittings—like light switches and door handles and kitchen pulls—with the lifestyle piece that I knew from motorbikes and fashion and music.”and kitchen pulls.

It’s a good thing that reality star Rob Kardashian and professional skateboarder Blayne Barker have already made it past the engagement phase of their relationship, otherwise they’d be in trouble. Barker revealed on Tuesday that he has over 100 tattoos dedicated to Kardashian on his body.

Some of the tats are small and subtle, while others are prominent and can be seen in photos posted by the couple on social media. The duo confirmed their relationship status in January 2017. They went Instagram official shortly after spending Valentine’s Day weekend together. On Oct. 17, Barker got down on one knee and popped the question to Kardashian in a romantic seaside proposal in Montecito, California.


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