New Jersey Toddler Order Furnitures Worth $1,700 Online

New Jersey Toddler Order Furnitures Worth $1,700 Online
New Jersey Toddler Order Furnitures Worth $1,700 Online

A toddler in New Jersey raked up a massive bill for his family after playing with his mom’s phone, according to a report. Madhu Kumar and her husband Pramod wanted to redecorate their house, so they were shopping for furniture on Walmart’s website, News12 reported.

But as the Kumar family was going through the process of checking out, they noticed a steady stream of unexpected packages from the superstore arriving at their home. Finally, the couple discovered that their 22-month-old son Ayaansh had been playing with Madhu’s phone while she was distracted. The tot somehow ordered $1,700 worth of accent chairs—and they were just sitting in front of the house!

A customer who ordered a bunch of supplies from Walmart was surprised when the box arrived at his doorstep but was empty except for a note. “The first person came with the box and he put it next to the door,” Madhu Kumar said. “

The second person came, then first step, then second step then third, it was a queue.” It turns out that Walmart delivered everything but the items that were bought.

The family estimates about 75 percent of their purchases have been delivered. Walmart has promised to refund the family for anything they return. The Kumars plan to add passcodes to their phones and remove their credit card information.


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