Coruña Begins Recycling of Waste into Urban Furniture

Coruña Begins Recycling of Waste into Urban Furniture
Coruña Begins Recycling of Waste into Urban Furniture

When Gema Neira Surribas first arrived in A Coruña, Spain, she knew that the city could use some green renovations. She soon learned that most of the city’s waste was used in landfills outside of the city, and that was where she got her idea. Knowing what she wanted to do, but not quite how to go about it, Surribas searched for a method of transforming garbage into resources through eco-design.

She found her answer by focusing on small plastics and yogurt containers, bags or medicine packaging. The project has already used garbage to make benches, drains, trash containers and bins around what looks like a utopian city. But Surribas’ biggest project is to gather 40 kilos of recycled plastic garbage to make a manhole cover that will be distributed throughout the city.

SURRIBAS is recognized for its contribution to urban design, the company has been working in this field for 20 years. Its fame comes from its Cholitas bags, made with recycled marine and urban materials. Although it is a young company that has only been around since 2012, SURRIBAS has managed to make a significant impact on the design industry and its efforts to promote sustainable living.

The company’s new line of furniture, which they’re currently debuting at the International Trade Fair of Design Barcelona, brings together recycled materials with innovative design to forge something unique and essential in the growing field of eco-friendly cities. According to SURRIBAS “this furniture is an essential element to boast of friendly and sustainable cities. Elements that provide us with a lesson and a message about how to take care of the planet.”



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