Sunniva Outdoor Collection Unveil by Master Furniture

Sunniva Outdoor Collection Unveil by Master Furniture
Sunniva Outdoor Collection Unveil by Master Furniture

Brian Boggs is a furniture maker from New Hampshire who was tired of seeing traditional porch swings that were boring and designed with no thought given to the visual appeal of the final product. He decided to reinterpret the traditional porch swing into a piece of art that would be both attractive and comfortable.

The Sunniva Outdoor Swing is curved in such a way as to give a sense of movement, but at the same time, it provides lumbar support for seated comfort. The absence of ropes or chains allows for an unobstructed view through the swing.

The stand is flexible and silent in operation, and it easily can be moved to different locations on your porch or deck. The arch of the swing adds bounce for comfort, strength, and beauty. The joinery at the base is fully housed double tenons that prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and compromising the integrity of the construction.

The Sunniva collection of outdoor furniture includes a rocker and an arm chair, as well as a swing. The collection is available with a cantilevered stand that moves on silent bushings and features premium wood selection and micro-compression joinery.The swing is priced at $7,300 without the stand and $12,100 with the stand.


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