Google Data Unveil The Most Use Kitchen Appliance in USA

Google Data Unveil The Most Use Kitchen Appliance in USA

When you hear the word “Surety,” you might think of insurance. You’d be right! Surety First—a California-based insurance agency—recently analyzed Google Trends data from the last year, to evaluate the relative popularity of kitchen gadgets by finding the most-searched-for item within each individual state. Surety found that Americans love everything from peelers to hot dog toasters (the top pick in Missouri!) and revealed some insightful information about the culinary preferences of people across the country.

“We’ve been able to leverage our ability to do predictive analytics with Google’s data and make these insights available to our clients,” said Surety COO Robert Dincer. “Our clients are always looking for ways to respond to the changing demands of their customers.”

Southern states have a reputation for their love of fried food, and the latest survey of kitchen gadget preferences by [company name] confirms this. The survey asked residents of four southern states to rate their favorite gadgets in order to determine which ones they can’t live without.

The results will be released next month. Certainly, some of the results aren’t surprising: Washingtonians are coffee-crazed, so it’s no shock that espresso machines ranked first on the list of favorites. However, other states had more unexpected results. For example, Alabama and Kentucky, both southern states with a reputation for fried food, were two of the only three states to pick the deep fryer as their favorite kitchen gadget.


Though many people are familiar with the slow cooker, it’s not always clear what makes a CrockPot different from other appliances. After all, most multi-cookers and Instant Pots also have the ability to slow cook. Yet according to a survey by PepperJam Network, CrockPots still reign supreme in three states (South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming), while the Instant Pot wins out in two others (Idaho and Tennessee). The survey asked more than 1,500 adults in these states to name the most popular kitchen gadget they’d purchased within the last year.

In terms of popularity across the board, all survey participants named the CrockPot their favorite. But how did this appliance win over these three states? It may be because each state has its own unique cuisine—Wisconsin is famous for its cheese curds and sausages, while South Dakota is known for its beef. Meanwhile, Idaho is known for its potatoes and potatoes alone. The perfect recipe for using a slow cooker? Try this chili from scratch or this bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno popper appetizer.

Deep fryer

Ever since the invention of air fryers in the early 2000s, consumers have flocked to this alternative to deep frying. However, some consumers are not satisfied with a single option, and that is why deep fryers are gaining popularity. While an air fryer uses only about a tablespoon of oil (or less), and cooks the food using rapidly circulating hot air, a deep fryer takes it one step further by cooking food in hot oil. Deep fryers are most often used for making fried foods, such as French fries and apple and cheddar fritters.

Ice cube tray

For decades, the standard ice cube tray has been a kitchen gadget that New Yorkers and Oklahomians have relied on to provide cubes of frozen water. The convenience of this device, while undoubtedly valued, is often overlooked. It’s easy to forget how handy it is to have a quick source of cold water at hand if you’re making smoothies or just mixing up a cocktail.


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